Working towards a better future

Other initiatives include the wild flower verge between North Church Street and Ancaster Road

A small group of volunteers maintains a growing number of green initiatives throughout the town.

Click on the map locations for more details of each one.

To join the group, or make a donation, contact:

Hilary Gunkel, 01877 330798

Lesley Hawkins, 01877 339080

A wildflower border running along the footpath from N Church Street to Ancaster Road planned with Callander Streetscapes in 2015. Attempts to establish one alongside the Primary School playing field and in the Cemetery have not been altogether successful and depend on operatives mowing at the right time.

A small train planter, renovated and painted by George Walker, was installed outside the toilet block in the Station Road carpark in early 2015 and planted up by members of Greener Callander with begonias over-wintered and grown on by one of them.