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Callander Enterprise Members Meeting, Tuesday 14 May 2024

The next Callander Enterprise members' meeting is on Tuesday May 14th between 6.00pm and 8.00pm, Callander Connect (43 Main Street).  Mark Nicols of the Ancaster Square Coffee Lounge has been carrying out a survey for the Regeneration of Main Street project of the Local Place Plan.  He will be speaking about the results he has obtained so far at the meeting.

Callander Enterprise is a dynamic business group and working to maximise the benefits of National Park status for the entire business community in the town and the wider area.  

Join Callander Enterprise to:

  • Get a dedicated webpage for your business on our top performing website
  • Have posts shared on InCallander Facebook page.
  • Receive information and town news via the networking google group.
  • Attend Callander Enterprise networking monthly meeting and receive business information via guest speakers.

The current officers of Callander Enterprise are:

Convenor (Chair): Julie Carmichael
Vice-Convenor (Vice-Chair): Lorraine Isgrove
Secretary: Marilyn Moore

Callander Enterprise Constitution >>>

Membership is £10 per year, 1 April to end March.

Accessible Tourism

Callander Enterprise supports Accessible Callander and the Trossachs (ACT) which promotes accessible tourism in Callander and the surrounding area, to cover all types of accessible needs, from young to old, wheelchair users to those with special needs such as autism and dementia.

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