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11.11.21 Members' Newsletter

There is now a monthly newsletter for CCDT members, containing information and updates on items of general interest discussed at the end-of-month Board meeting. The aim is to circulate this to members one week following each meeting. Contact the Membership Secretary for details.

08.11.21 VIC

The VIC has now closed for the winter. Between its opening in early June and closure after the Callander Jazz and Blues Festival in early October, it provided information for 8100 visitors - supplied by the dedicated group of just over 20 volunteers, working shifts organised by the VIC Manager. Plans for next year, based on this experience, will be discussed and available for comment early next year. Hopefully this will attract some new volunteers, as well as retaining those from this year!

Approved minutes for the September meeting are now available.

Callander's Local Place Plan

Find out about the work being done to develop the forthcoming LPP.

Discover some fascinating facts. Add your own comments and ideas - get involved!

Callander Climate Change Fringe Week events

A wide programme of 24 interesting events was organised by two CCDT Directors. Discussions are now underway during November to discuss follow-up possibilities.

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GENERAL INFORMATION: Visit the Virtual VIC website

What is CCDT?

A charitable organisation of volunteers.
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What does CCDT do?

It undertakes practical projects for the benefit of the Callander community.
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It also employs the Town Coordinator on behalf of the whole community.
What kind of projects?

Those identified in the 5-yearly Community Action Plan (3.7MB PDF), drawn up after consultation with the community, and which are likely to be of benefit to both residents and visitors.
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Who can join CCDT?

Anyone in the Callander and Kilmahog community area.
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