Working towards a better future

Hanging baskets

A small group of volunteers maintains a growing number of green initiatives throughout the town.

Click on the map locations for more details of each one.

To join the group, or make a donation, contact:

Hilary Gunkel, 01877 330798

Lesley Hawkins, 01877 339080

Since 2007 we have provided hanging baskets along Main Street.

These were initially 61 motley wire baskets which were insufficiently well maintained. Over the years they have been gradually replaced by 43 self-watering baskets purchased with funding from the Community Pride Fund,  the Airtricity Fund (Community Council) and the Hydro Fund.

Plants have been purchased with funding from various sources including Callander Enterprise.

A watering contract with young entrepreneur Liam Burnett aka Empardio, funded initially by plant-sales and then a grant from the Hydro Fund, has allowed them to flourish from early June until early October.

Since 2016 30 baskets have been made up by volunteers and were grown on by John MacIsaac for 3 weeks in the glasshouses at Keltie Bridge. The plants come from local nurseries.

Lynne Schroder currently looks after the 3 outside Creative in Callander and along to Mhor Bread, excluding that by The Meadows which they maintain themselves.