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 Microgrants Grants from Braes of Doune Community Fund

The Braes of Doune Community Fund, managed by Callander Community Council (CCC), is proud to announce the introduction of Braes of Doune Community Fund Microgrants. The following may apply for a micro-grant:

  • Individuals

  • Informal, non-constituted groups

  • Constituted groups.

who wish to support the Callander community in some way but only need a small amount of funding or need the funding more urgently or may not be eligible for other funding. Groups that are not constituted will generally be considered a priority, as other funds are unlikely to be open to such groups. Constituted groups are eligible to apply for micro-grants but they should not use the micro-grants scheme to circumvent applying for grants elsewhere, for example through submission of multiple micro-grant applications.

The purpose of any micro-grant must be charitable or for community benefit in nature. If CCC cannot discern such a purpose in the application, it can set a condition to ensure it is charitable and/or for community benefit.

The grant is awarded directly by CCC to the awardee. Braes of Doune Directors and Foundation Scotland are not involved in administering the scheme locally.


  1. The maximum grant to be awarded is £250 per application (including VAT) with not more than 10% or £2000 of annual BoD Community Fund being allocated to microgrants.

  2. The standard application form will be used as for full awards (Word Application Form / PDF Application Form)

  3. The same applicant can make three applications per calendar year for a microgrant for separate events/organisations.

  4. The same group or organisation can make up to two applications per year for use by their organisation (three applications in exceptional circumstances).

  5. The BoD Community Fund Chair on CCC will administer the money by paying invoices directly to the supplier as they are submitted from the applicant (often before the event). This avoids the need to pay money into a personal account and only covers payments for which invoices are sent. No follow up report will then be required. Even if the event is cancelled, only payments which have already been made in good faith will be covered.

  6. Applications must be made in advance of the event for which the grant is intended. Retrospective applications will not be considered.


  1. Applications will be reviewed on or shortly after receipt in accordance with current CCC procedures. (Decision within 30 days).

  2. If the application has community benefit and if there is a majority of CCC in favour, then the award can be made immediately without reference to BoD or FS prior to the award being made.

  3. Successful award winners of microgrants will be informed of their success. To avoid money being paid into personal bank accounts, the invoices for the event will be paid directly to the supplier by CCC BoD Chair.

  4. If the applicant is a constituted organisation or has an organisation bank account, the microgrant will be organised as for the standard grant. In any case, payment cannot be made into a business account.

  5. Successful applicants for microgrants will be announced at the first available CCC meeting.

Marilyn Moore
Chair, Braes of Doune Community Fund
Callander Community Council