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Money From Wind

Throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK, energy companies operating wind farms, provide a portion of their income to communities local to their wind farms, for projects that will benefit the community. The owner of the Braes of Doune Wind Farm, Airtricity, is one such company and they disburse funds to communities local to them, including Callander.

Since 2009, Airtricity has allocated a limited amount of funds to Callander Community Council, who then manage and distribute the funds, through grants, for local projects. Individuals and organisations, living or based in the Callander Community Council area, are entitled to apply for financial support for projects and matters that are of benefit to the local community.

If you wish to apply, please check you comply with the criteria first and then complete an application form and submit it as advised on the form. (The criteria and application form can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate link on the Airtricity Fund links panel). Council members will then consider your application to determine whether your application has been successful.

If you would like to see the types of application that have been successful in the past, please click on the ‘Updates’ button.