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Callander Community Council holds monthly public meetings to discuss matters affecting the Callander community and to determine the way forward, reflecting the views of the community. They are held on the second Monday of every month, starting at 7.30pm. They are currently held online on Zoom.

These meetings are attended by elected Community Councillors, one or more of the three District Councillors representing our Ward, representatives of Stirling Council and the National Park, as well the Town Coordinator and the Police. Members of the Callander community are invited to attend and to make their views known on any matter concerning the community.

Next Meeting

At the 11 January 2021 Community Council meeting, it was agreed to hold a special meeting to discuss the use of video recordings, with input, guidance and policy information from Stirling Council. This will be held on Monday 25 January 7.30-8.30 pm. This special meeting is open to the public. There will be no reports submitted in advance of this meeting.

As before the meeting will be held online on the Zoom platform and those members of the public wishing to attend can do so. For those who are not familiar with Zoom, this is what you do:

  1. Click on the Zoom meeting link provided;
  2. You’ll be prompted to either download or launch Zoom. Click on the button that says “Open Zoom.us”;
  3. You will then see a message box saying something like “Waiting for hosts to start the meeting”. Once the host is ready he/she will admit you to the meeting.
  4. If you would like to view a video, produced by Zoom, about joining a meeting, click here. Note that when the video talks about clicking on a link on an email, this is the equivalent of clicking on the link provided above.

Members of the public may forward any comments on any topic in advance of the meeting to the Secretary.

Last meeting

Reports submitted to the 11 January meeting are shown below.

Chair | Treasurer | Planning | Police | CCDTWebsite | Camp Place Play Park | Communication | Community Building | LPP (RJW) | Bridgend | St Kessogs | Town Co-ordinator

Minutes of the meeting will be posted when available.

Information from earlier meetings can be found in the Minutes Archive.