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It is our aim to use this panel to bring you up to date news of things that affect our community.

The Community Council section of InCallander will be closing on 15 August. The new Community Council website will be located at www.callandercommunitycouncil.co.uk

Our next meeting: 12 July 2021

Citizen of the Year and Award for Outstanding Citizenship

Covid News

Traffic Restrictions

Beware Bogus Workers

Callander citizens advice bureau is operating, please see details on the Community Facilities page

Welcome to the website of Callander Community Council

In here you should be able to discover all you need to know about your Community Council and what are doing on your behalf.

If you want to know more about the Community Council and your Councillors, together with a description of our duties and responsibilities then go to the ‘About Us’ section. All members of our community are welcome to attend our monthly meetings to find out about what is current, but if you are unable to do so, you will be able to read the Minutes of all of our meetings and individual Councillors’ reports by going to the ‘Meetings’ section.

One of our responsibilities is to comment on planning applications as they arise. More information on this process as well as details of current applications can be found in the ‘Planning’ section.

Your Community Council also administers a fund, known as the ‘Airtricity Fund’, which enables us to make small grants to organisations that have projects that comply with the application criteria. To find out more, go to the ‘Airtricity Fund’ section.

From time to time, major projects arise that could have a significant impact on our community. Your Community Council has a role to play in ensuring that the community’s views are taken into account. Details of existing projects are to be found in the ‘Current Topics’ section.

Callander’s Community Action Plan is an important element in the future development of our town. How this is progressing and who is doing what can be found by visiting the ‘CAP’ section and by visiting the CCDT section of the InCallander website

If there is anything you would like your Community Council to be aware of please contact us.