Working towards a better future


The Callander Community Woodland Group were delighted to see nearly 100 local residents at a drop-in information event in Callander Hostel on 31 January. This was to:

• let Callander residents know how the Coilhallan Community Woodland project is progressing;

• find out whether they think it is a good idea or not, and

• find out what they think should and should not be included in the proposal.

We got lots of positive and constructive feedback and the proposals in the 2017 feasibility study will be changed as a result.

We will summarise and publish the comments as soon as we can but meanwhile photos of the dos and don’ts sheets filled in by participants are here.

We still need to hear what you think - so please take 1-2 minutes to complete our survey here. Thank you.

Coilhallan is a mixed woodland to the south west of Callander, close to the High School, Primary School and Leisure Centre. It is already well-used and has a network of paths and a car park off Invertrossachs Road at its western edge.

Our aim is to manage the wood sustainably to make it a more attractive and enjoyable place for both residents and visitors, while protecting and enhancing its wildlife. We believe this can be done more effectively, through a community enterprise with the support of volunteers, than is possible under the current management by Forest Enterprise.

A feasibility study, completed in 2017, supports this view and shows how the wood could be acquired, funded and managed to the benefit of Callander.

A Community Woodland Group, made up of local people with a wide range of interests and skills, is looking at the study’s proposals in more detail.

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