Your National Park adventure starts IN CALLANDER


There are a number of fantastic angling opportunities on rivers and lochs around Callander. Our main local fisheries are listed below, with links to their information at the Fishing around the Forth web site for further information including maps and permits. You can also find details of other beats in the wider area from their site.

Unless specified, the overall season for the fisheries below is 1st February – 31st October, with the trout season running 15th March – 6th October.

River Teith

Stirling Council Fisheries

Situated in the heart of Callander, Stirling Council Fisheries offer accessible fishing for anglers far and wide.

Species fished for: Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout
Access: Very easily accessed with wheelchair access in parts. The beats are managed, they have seats, rod rests, well maintained paths and styles, and the fisheries manager and team work tirelessly on any obstructions, upgrades, help and advice and keeping the fishery beautiful.

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Cambusmore Estate

The Cambusmore beats of the River Teith present some of the best fly water the Forth district has to offer. Across the 5 beats, there are certain pools that suit high water, and some pools that fish better in lower water. The surroundings are never constant except for their beauty and it can feel like you are fishing the Spey, only 20 minutes from Stirling.

Species fished for: Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout
Access: Easy. The beats are managed with seats, rod rests, well maintained paths and styles, and the foresters work on any obstructions.

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River Leny

Drumardoch Estate

The River Leny is a Salmon river primarily, however there are some good Trout and a significant number of Sea Trout hold in the lower river above Callander and up the Eas Gobhain river. Fishing on the Little Leny is ideal for a quick cast, visitors, tourists and locals alike can quickly nip up to the Little Leny Beat for a chance at a fish of a lifetime. The fishing on the Upper Leny is for experienced and sure footed salmon fly anglers that are confident in their fly angling knowledge. A testing river that offers a challenge and the rewards can be exceptional.

Species fished for: Salmon, Brown Trout, Sea Trout
Access: Parking for Little Leny is in Callander Meadows car park only. Gates and paths give you easy access to the main fishing stretches. Access to the River Leny beats is Medium to Easy difficulty. Some of the beat is in a gorge, and some in farmland. A stick is recommended for those not sure on their feet. There are places to park (laybys) depending on where you would like to fish.

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Eas Gobhain River

Eas Gobhain Fishing

The short Eas Gobhain river, that drains Loch Venachar and meets with the River Leny, is a hidden gem within the Teith catchment. It is mainly a Sea Trout fishery foremost with Trout and Salmon fishing included.

Species fished for: Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Salmon.
Access: Easy to medium. The paths are rough but easy to navigate with styles where required and the fishery managers take good care of the fishery in general.

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Loch Lubnaig

Drumardoch Estate

Loch Lubnaig presents bait, spin, fly and light boat anglers many options. The primary species to fish for are Perch and Brown Trout, however Char can often be caught averaging 6-9” and there are Salmon passing through from the River Leny to the River Balvaig throughout the season. This is an excellent fishery to teach the younger generation how to fish from the bank and the boat, and a fishery for those wishing to try out different methods for a range of species. Coarse fishing all year.

Species fished for: Brown Trout, Perch, Char and Salmon
Access: Very easy access along the main A84 road with car parks and laybys.

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Loch Venachar

Loch Venachar Association

Loch Venachar, set between Callander and Brig o’Turk on the Loch Katrine road in the heart of the Trossachs, is the Pike stronghold of the Trossachs, the Forth District, and the country. Overall season all year round.

Species fished for: Pike, Perch and Brown Trout
Access: Easy to very easy. There are three car parks on the North shore of the loch all within 10 meters of the gravel bays. There is also a large layby with a more rocky shore.

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