Your National Park adventure starts IN CALLANDER

Riverside Short Walk

Length: about 1½mile
Start: Ancaster Square, Callander 

Easy walk, some slopes, all weather.

From Ancaster Square, walk east towards Stirling, turn right at the first crossroads into South Church St. Pass the church and library, noting the old sundial on the right.

As you are walking over the footbridge note the view upstream around the local mountain - Ben Ledi.

Over the bridge turn left along the riverside and up the hill to the swing gate, then past the old manse (formerly site of Callander Castle), and note the pink-washed 'Roman Camp Hotel’ across the river.

Return the same way or turn right and walk along the lane to return via the red bridge noting the magnificent view of the Callander Crags and Ben Ledi to the north west of the town.

This walk can be extended to form a round trip by going through the little gate at the riverside and walking along the riverbank and then via Claish Farm and Mollands Road (A81) back to the Main Street.

If doing the extended walk, the path occasionally dissappears due to ploughing.

Best tip is to follow the river until you meet the burn (stream) which joins the river. Cross the burn and follow the line of mounds to Claish farm then up the farm road to the A85.

Take care walking back to Callander as the road is used by fast traffic.