Your National Park adventure starts IN CALLANDER


The village of Luss is on the west shores of Loch Lomond about 8 miles from Balloch just off the A82 trunk road where it has been by-passed to provide a haven of tranquility. It is situated at the foot of Glen Luss, where the River Luss runs into Loch Lomond. Luss is the ancestral home of Clan Colquhoun.

The village streets were originally part of the planned estate village built by the Colquhouns who own the land upon which the village sits. The streets themselves are very attractive with the restored slate workers' cottages on either side but probably of more interest to many visitors are the views from the loch-side walk and pier, extending without interuption to north and south along the loch.

The village church – recently refurbished is a very popular venue for marriages. It was built by Sir James Colquhoun in memory of his father who was drowned in the Loch in December 1874. The church is noted for its online services as well as for holding over one hundred weddings per year, most from far outside the parish.

Luss is a popular location as a film set and was used as the outdoor setting of 'Glendarroch' for the Scottish soap opera 'Take the High Road'.

Cruises to the islands and boat hire can be arranged from the Luss jetty. There is a kiltmaker and a bagpipe works and a water taxi service is available to Balloch.

About a mile south of the village, on a stone plinth in a bay at Aldochlay, is a small figure known as 'Wee Peter'. A locally invented story tells that it is a memorial to a small boy who drowned in the loch, but it was in fact erected in 1890 by a local stonemason, who found the statue in a London scrapyard.