Your National Park adventure starts IN CALLANDER

Kirkton Glen to Glen Dochart Walk

Length: 6 mile loop or 7 mile linear (2hr short, 4hr long)
Start: Balquhidder

The Kirkton Glen offers two options, The shorter round trip, and the longer one way trip which requires you to arrange transport back to Balquhidder from Glendochart. Height about1700 ft max.

The Route

Both walks start at the back of the church at Balquhidder and are quite well signposted.

The narrow track through the trees approaches a waterfall but signs for the footpath point to the right. Follow these signs to a stile and continue up the track which climbs past a large green metal hut and then steeply through the trees.

After a short time you come to a kind of crossroads where a number of tracks meet. Take the path which leads straight on up the Kirkton Glen, with a burn on your left. The wide gravel track enters some trees then shortly afterwards re-emerges

Three tracks meet shortly after the felled woods, the centre narrow footpath being signposted to Glen Dochart.

Take the centre track, crossing a fence and onto the open hillside. The track now veers slightly left before turning east then north.

Meall an Fhiodhain is now up to your right and Lochan an Eireannaich below you to the left.

At this point you have the choice of returning to Balquhidder by retracing your steps to the three way junction at which point all three tracks lead ultimately to Balquhidder or continuing over to Glen Dochart. Remember if you continue to Glen Dochart that you will need transport back to Balquhidder unless you have the desire for a much extended 18 mile walk returning from Glen Dochart by way of the old railway track and Glenogle to Lochearnhead.

To continue to Glen Dochart, continue along the track which now decends, watching on the right for the remains of some 19th c. sheilings beside the Ledcharrie burn. Crossing the burn after the sheilings, the track now decends beside the burn with a couple of steepish sections before crossing the old highland railway track bed.

If you are walking back by Glen Ogle, turn right onto the old trackbed here. Otherwise continue over the track and decend to Ledcharrie farm, past the farm and onto the A85 road to Crianlarich. Hope now that your transport has arrived!