Your National Park adventure starts IN CALLANDER

Glenfinglas Dam

Length: about 1.5 mile
Start: Glenfinglas Car Park

Tarmac road and paths

At Brig o' Turk village, take the narrow road by the Tea Room and follow up past the little walled graveyard (which is worth a visit in its own right). Keep on going past the school until you come to a fork in the road where the right fork is a steep hill and the left is marked 'Glenfinglas dam - private'. If you have a car, park here.

Unless you want an energetic and lengthy walk, don't walk up the right fork, but follow the 'private' road all the way up toward the dam. Some splendid waterfalls down to your left are heard on the way up but they are inaccessible. When you reach the dam, keep to the left over the cattle grid and follow the path up to the top of the dam where splendid views are afforded up the glen over the reservoir.

There was once a farming community on the floor of the glen, and a large house called 'Duart' which was owned by the Stewart family. It was all demolished to make way for the reservoir.

You can return to the cattle grid and follow the remains of the old road on the other side - it leads to some badly overgrown steps and a path which lead up to a splendid viewpoint from which to see well up into the mountains.

Return by the same route.