Your National Park adventure starts IN CALLANDER

Coilhallan Woods Walk

Length: 1 to 6 miles depending on route taken
Start: Callander Bridgend. A81 mini roundabout

Easy walking on new path and woodland tracks - length of your choice.

Starting at Bridgend in Callander, walk south to the mini roundabout, turn left and immediately look for a gravel path leading up through the trees on the south side of the road.

Take this track, fairly steep at first then leveling out. In less than half a mile the path splits, with the main part leading straight on toward the trees.

You can follow either track - keep an eye open for deer!

The right hand fork leads through cleared plantation initially before entering a wide cleared area which leads generally westward for about 3/4 mile before tending slowly northwest to join the Invertrossachs road near to the Invertrossachs Cycle Centre. The return is by the narrow Invertrossachs road - a walk of about 1.25 miles with pleasant views to Dunmor, Bochastle Hill, Callander and the Crags. The River 'Eas Gobhain' is on the left and supports a variety of wildlife, noteably waterfowl.

The left hand track leads straight into mature plantations, veering slowly to south west. Ignore any left and right turns, keeping to the gravel path to the end of the woods. Pass through a wide opening in an old wall to find a wide forest track.  Follow this track up a gentle slope, still ignoring any left or right turns until you reach a T junction (GR NN617060).

You can now turn left to explore Cock Hill (a maze of timber recovery tracks) or for this walk, turn right to descend slowly through mature forests, ignoring a right turn (or take it for a shorter route) until after about a mile you reach a T junction. Turn left here then almost immediately right. Another half mile returns you to the original route and the short walk back to the car.

Note: Since much of this walk is in thick forest, it is wise to take a map and compass in order to avoid getting temporarily lost and having unexpectedly long detours!