Your National Park adventure starts IN CALLANDER

Ben Oss & Dhubchraig Walk

Length: about 11 miles (6-7 hours)
Start: A85 at Dalrigh

This is a fairly straightforward linear walk over two Munros offering splendid views of Ben Lui with its north-east corrie. The walk passes through some protected forest containing large numbers of magnificent Scots pines. Height  3180 & (Oss) 3330 ft

The Route

From the Dalrigh carpark (GR 344291) exit the carpark at its lower end to walk south to the old road bridge over the river Fillan. Cross the bridge to turn right onto a farm track beside the railway.

Shortly after crossing the railway line at a bridge, leave the farm road to cross a moss on the right heading west to find a footbridge over the burn. The bridge is in a poor state of repair, but may be crossed carefully to follow the west bank of the burn upstream through the magnificent pine forest.

The track is very obvious and extremely eroded in soft peaty ground - you will sink up to the knees!

Eventually and after crossing 3 deer fences the track exits the forest and continues up the hill, loosely following the same route as the burn to climb the right hand side of the north east facing corrie of Ben Dubhchraig.

Head for the lowest part of the skyline before turning southeast to attain the summit of Ben Dubhchraig.

From the summit of Ben Dubhchraig (pronounced Dookray) head down the summit ridge in a north westerly direction to pass a lochan just below the 3000 ft contour, then west and more steeply down to a col at about 2500 ft.

Continue west initially then curving to south west to find the ground rising toward Ben Oss.

The first rise may be tackled directly to approach Ben Oss on the direct line. It may be avoided by contouring to the south side before turning right into a steep gully (GR 292256) to meet the direct route in a little col at about 3000 ft. Turn left to find the summit of Ben Oss after about ½ mile.

The only viable and safe return is by re-tracing your steps to the Ben Dubhchraig ridge then left when it becomes safe to descend via the corrie leading down to the forest.

Unless you are a competent scrambler, do not be tempted by the apparent shorter return via Corrie Buidhe at the col - the rocks are steep and very loose.

If you have plenty of time and energy, and are a competent navigator, the route may be extended to Ben Lui and a descent made via the eastern side of the huge corrie. To acquire this extended route from Ben Oss, head initially south between steep crags for about 400 yards, then southeast for a further 400 yd, then slowly veering to west to reach a col at about GR275246. From here climb approx NNW to Ben Lui.

This extended route is very difficult to navigate in poor visibility - do not attempt unless you are competent.