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Argaty Red Kite Centre At Doune

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Here on our farm just north of Stirling and south of The Trossachs, we run Central Scotland's only red kite feeding station where visitors can watch these exciting birds and their spectacular flying.

The farm lies on the Braes of Doune in the area of Central Scotland where the RSPB and Scottish Natural Heritage have reintroduced the red kite. It is with their help that we are providing a facility for enjoying the birds in comfort but without the risk of disturbing what is still a fragile popluation.

Food is put out for the kites each day throughout the year. The feeding, by the way, is actually minimal, it just gives the birds a helping hand. Up to thirty or so are attracted to the food depending on the weather and the season.

Watching from our brand new hide you will have the chance to view the spectacle of the kites' flying acrobatics set against the backdrop of our hill fields. Kites tend to feed on the wing and so you will see them swoop down to seize the food in their claws before they soar upwards again, sometimes being challenged by another bird for their haul.

As we are a working farm, booking is appreciated though not always essential. For our guided walks, however, we do need advance booking.